portraits // edmonton, ab

A few weeks back when the snow had yet to exist, Megan and I headed out before sun rose, grabbed chai tea, 
and adventured out into the ravine. Megan is one of my dear cousins, just a year younger than I, who's heart is 
nothing like I've ever known before. She's compassionate, hard working, beautiful (obviously), and inexplicably 
wise for only nineteen. And Megan has always had a continual yearning to seek out, grow in, and live by, the 
Word.  On this morning we were expecting nothing but clouds so the pink sunrise ascending above the horizon 
had us still in our steps. In some frames, you can see the pink hues against her 
hair. Ahhhhh, so beautiful! 

And I love her so. 

Megan keeps a personal blog called Salt and Light! Check it [ here ]!


[the sneak peek of a full post for this portrait session with Megan]


family means you are apart of something  w  o  n  d  e  r  f  u  l .
it means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.

she's a beautiful, thoughtful, loving woman.
my dad requested that he "photobomb a nice picture of mom". and he did just so haha.
he's a handsome, hardworking, Jesus loving man.
my bff for life, yo.

and this is where our walk turned into a couple's shoot haha. but they both looked sooo good ;)