highway 13 // alberta 

and I love her dearly

engaged // LEVI + DOROTHY

It's weird to think that 15 years ago Levi and I were playing "Manfried and Debbie" (my parents hah) in play school and that just a couple days ago in front of my camera, stood Levi and his real life wife to be! And here is where I include an over used, uncreative, cliché phrase like "wow, time has really flown by...". But legit guys!
Can I talk about how wonderful they are?! About the obvious - how incredibly beautiful Dorothy is. (And her dear heart reflects just that). About how I can't think of another person who compliments Levi as well, who respects someone so much, or who loves someone so deeply. And about how I can truly say that Levi is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and sincere men who I know of. He was like that as a little kid and has continued to exhibit these qualities with a full heart as the years have gone by. 
I am thankful that they allowed me to take these on the side while working on another project with them. And most thankful for getting to play a little part in their journey as they become husband and wife in the late days of summer next year.