I figured out how to be faithless
but it will be a sheme to waste this
you can't imagine how I hate this

I'm trying, but I've gone
through the glass again
just come and find me
God loves everybody, don't remind me
I took the medicine and I went missing
just let me hear your voice, just let me listen

all of my thoughts of you
bullets through rock and through
come apart at the seams
now I know what dying means

I am not my rosy self
left my roses on my shelf
take the wild ones, they're my favorites
it's the side effects that save us


a r t i s t : THE NATIONAL



Posting this a little while after baking this glorious wonder, I still find myself daydreaming of how incredibly delicious it was. I didn't think any other recipe would beat the one my mom uses and has used for years and years. But my accusations were FALSE. And my family accepted this after one oversized bite. Another loud applause goes out to Joy the Baker for this one. The smooth and rich taste of the banana with the tartness of cranberries joined together with a fragrant aroma of the nutmeg and cinnamon is just... I don't know... Maybe, pretty darn amazing and heavenly?!  The only ingredient omitted from this recipe were the cloves only because my family and I are just not fans of cloves. I feel like this bread is the epitome of a make-again-and-again-and-again recipe. So obviously it's good, so go make it why don't you! 



some beginning of the week typographic inspiration.

One of mine and Rachel's favourite things to do is search out new and unvisited places amongst the city, filling a memory card of photographs. Last week we found ourselves in a place downtown where the canopy of dark foliage made forgetting you're in a city usually marked by a skyline of sharp edges and towering heights easy. Nothing is sweeter than these afternoons with my best friend. Missing her as she is having the time of her life at camp. and these dear-to-my-heart photos aren't helping that!